Guild Library

We have a small library of books available at our monthly meeting for free loan to Guild members.
Please record your loans on the sheets provided, and try to return them the following month so that everyone gets a chance to see them.
The list of books available is below, in title order.
If you have suggestions for new books for the Library, please let Caroline Mallinson know.
If you have a book on loan but it is not listed below, please let Judith Edwards have the details (Title, Author, Date).

Adriafil Knitting Pattern Book. 1991.
Adventures in knitting. B. Shapeero. 1991.
The Alden Amos big book of handspinning. A. Amos, 2001.
The art of the felt maker. M. E. Burkett, 1979.
The art of knitting: inspirational stitches, textures and surfaces. F. Tellier-Loumagne. 2005.
Beautiful sheep: portraits of champion breeds. K. Dun, 2008.
The big book of weaving. L. Lundell and E. Windesjo. 2008.
The big weave (DVD). 2012.
Blankets and throws to knit. D. Abrahams. 2008.
British sheep. National Sheep Association.
British sheep breeds. E. Henson. 1986.
Colinette yarns pattern book.
The colour cauldron: history and use of natural dyes in Scotland. S. Grierson. 1986.
Colour from plants: a simple dyers notebook. C. Morton and A. Mortlock. 1983.
Colour: making and using dyes and pigments. F.Delamare & B Guineau. 2000
Colours from nature: a dyer’s handbook. J. Dean. 2009.
Contemporary knitting for textile artists. R. Lee.
Continuum: Catalogue of core exhibition. AGWSD.
The craft of weaving. I. Waller. 1976.
Crochet: A complete introduction to the craft of crocheting. E. Wildman. 1976.
The complete book of rug hooking. J. Moshimer. 1975.
The complete book of wicker and cane furniture making. J. Bausert. 1977.
The crochet collection (video). Swan Rose Productions.
Decorative Victorian needlework. E. Bradley. 1990.
Dictionary of dyes and dyeing. K. G. Ponting. 1982.
Domino knitting. V.Hoxbro. 2002.
Dye plants and dyeing. J. & M. Cannon. 2002.
Dye plants and dyeing: a handbook. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1980.
Egyptian landscapes: weavings from the Rames Wissa Wassef School. Y.  Wissa Wassef and H. Weir, 1985.
The elements of colour. J. Itten.
Elizabeth Zimmermann's knitting workshop. E. Zimmermann. 1981.
Embellish, stitch, felt: using the embellisher machine and needle-punch techniques. S. Smith, 2008.
The essentials of yarn design for handspinners.  M. Ross, 1983.
Fabulous felted scarves. C. A. Hagen & J. Johnson. 2007.
The fine art of Navajo weaving. S. Getzwiller. 1984.
A fine fleece: Knitting with handspun yarns. L. Lloyd. 2008.
The fleece and fiber sourcebook. D. Robson and C. Ekarius. 2011.
Folk bags: 30 knitting patterns and tales from around the world. V. Square, 2003.
Folk shawls. C. Oberle. 2000.
Folk vests: 25 knitting patterns and tales from around the world. C. Oberle. 2002.
Frame-loom weaving. J. Redman. 1976.
Freeform knitting and crochet. J. Dowde. 2004.
Glorious knitting. Kaffe Fassett. 1985.
Glorious needlepoint. K. Fassett. 1987.
Growing herbs and plants for dyeing. B.E.M. Jacobs. 1977.
Hairpin crochet. P. Thompson. 1983.
A handbook of weaves. G. H. Oelsner. 1975.
Hand knitting: New directions. A. Ellen. 2002.
Handpaint country: a knitter's journey. C. Potter, 2002.
Hands on rigid heddle weaving. B. L. Davenport .1987.
Handweaver’s pattern book: an illustrated reference to over 600 fabric weaves. A. Dixon. 2007.
Henrietta Herdwick. J. Hall, 2004.
A history of linen in the North West. E. Roberts (ed.) 1998.
Hooked rug storytelling: The art of Heather Ritchie. L.M. Close. 2011.
Ideas in weaving. A. Sutton and others. 1989.
Ikats: woven silks from Central Asia: The Rau Collection. Crafts Council, 1988.
The illustrated dictionary of knitting. R. Compton. 1988.
The impatient beader: Easy jewelry projects for the busy beginner! M. Potter, 2005.
Indian costumes from Guatemala. K. Deuss. 1981.
Indigo: Egyptian Mummies to Blue Jeans. J. Balfour-Paul. 2011
Indigo textiles: technique and history. G. Sandberg, 1989.
Inkle weaving: a comprehensive manual. L. Bradley, 1982.
Knitted gardens J. Messent. 1991.
Knitted lace collars. T. Lorant. 1983
Knitted toys. J. Greenhowe. 1986.
Knitting (Instant Expert). R. Badger, 2005.
Knitting around the world. Threads magazine. 1993.
Knitting from the top. B.G. Walker, 1972.
Knitting: Colour, structure and design. A. Ellen. 2011.
Knitting: Over 20 exciting projects. Treasure Press. 1984
Knitting plus: simple, stunning techniques for embroidering knitting. M. Stanley, 1989. (2 copies).
The knitting stitch manual. L. Stanfield, 1992.
Learn to crochet in just one day. J. Leinhauser, 1993.
The legacy of the great wheel. K. Turner. 1980.
Legends in the weaving. The Japan Foundation Asia Center. 2001.
Linen hand spinning and weaving. P. Baines, 1989.
Magic carpets: a guide to creative rug making. M. Coss and S. Soudan, 1989.
Masterpieces of Irish crochet lace. T. de Dillmont. 1986.
Modular knits. I. Schreier. 2011.
Mohair: from goat to garment. J. Webb and B. Saunders, 1992.
Moorman inlay techniques for rigid heddle frame looms. K. Searle. 1983.
More blankets and throws. D. Abrahams. 2009.
Natural dyes and home dyeing. R. J. Adrosko. 1971.
Needle-felting magic: easy machine techniques and projects. M. Duke. 2007.
Needle felting with cotton and wool. J.K. Zoeterman and L. Lenich.
The New Zealand woolcraft book: spinning, weaving, dyeing. C.  Jackson and J.  Plowman. 1981.
On the go: shawls two. T. Malcolm, 2008.
One for the pot: Knitted teacosies. Patons.
Original nature wool:  pattern book. Alafoss Lopi. 
Paper making and bookbinding: coastal inspirations. J.B. Kaar. 2003.
Pat Bloor tapestries. K. Jennings, 2005.
A perfect red. A.B.Greenfield. 2011.
Practical knitting. R. Compton, 1981.
Round the twist: creative cordmaking. J. Carey, 2002.
Rag rug handbook. J. Meany and P. Pfaff. 1996.
Rag rug making: contemporary projects, techniques and inspiration for a traditional craft. J.S. Anderson. 2003.

Reproducing the Kendal Pattern Book: A window on 18th century weaving. Alison Longley & Lancs and Lakes Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers. 2015

Rugmaking. N. Znamierowski. 1972.
A second treasury of magical knitting. C. Bordhi. 2005.
The secrets of silk: From the myths and legends to the Middle Ages. P. Lowry, 2003.
The secrets of silk: From textiles to fashion. P. Lowry, 2004.
Shades of heather (video). Macmillan College of Learning.
Shear spirit: life on America's fiber farms and ranches. J. Tapper, 2008.
Shibori: Designs and techniques. M. Southan. 2008.
Signature scarves: dazzling designs to knit. N. Epstein. 2008.
Silk: how and where it is produced. H.T.Gaddum & Co. 1968.
The silk industry. S. Bush, 1987.
Simple slippers in crochet.
The slide collection 1971-2012 (2 DVDs). AGWSD. 2012.
Sock innovation: knitting techniques and patterns for one-of-a kind socks. A. Cookie. 2009.
Spin control: techniques for spinning the yarns you want. A. King. 2009.
The spinner's book of yarn designs. S. Anderson. 2013.
A spinner’s rhymerie. D. Duke and R. Edlin White. 1996.
Spinning designer yarns. D. Varney. 2003.
Spinning wheels, spinners & spinning. P.  Baines, 1977.
The structure of weaving. A. Sutton, 1982
Tapestry weaving. K. Glasbrook. 2002.

The tartan weaver’s guide. J.D. Scarlett, 1985.
The techniques of basketry. V. Harvey. 1975.
The techniques of rug weaving. P. Collingwood. 1993.
The techniques of sprang: plaiting on stretched threads. Peter Collingwood. 1999.
Texere Yarns catalogue 2006.
Think outside the sox: 60 winning patterns from the Knitter's Magazine Contest. E. Rowley.  2010. Traditional Scottish dyes and how to make them. J. Fraser, 1983.
Twelve bobbins spinning: the story surrounding a horizontal flax wheel invented by Bernard Barton c. 1766. A Humphries, 1983.
Tops with a twist. Spin Off Magazine.
Tudor roses. A. Starmore. 1998.
Two balls or less: over 30 simply stylish knitting and crochet projects. J. Hill, 2007.
The use of vegetable dyes. V.  Thurstan. 1986.
Victorian lace today. J. Sowerby. 2007.
Vogue cotton and silk knits. C. Probert. 1986.
Vogue knitting: quick knits: over 50 fast and easy styles. T. Malcolm, 2003.
Weaving textiles that shape themselves. A. Richards. 2012.
Weaving with ribbon. V.  Campbell-Harding, 1987.
Whorl and wheel: the story of handspinning in Scotland. S. Grierson. 1985.
Wild knitting. J. Garton. 1980.
Wool grade specifications. British Wool Marketing Board.
Wool 'n' magic. J. Messent. 1989.
The woolcraft book: Spinning, dyeing and weaving. C. Jackson and J. Plowman. 1980.
The woolgatherer’s handspun pattern book. Handweavers and Spinners Guild. 1982.
The woollen industry: Shire Album 81. Chris Aspin, 2006.
Woolly thoughts: unlock your creative genius with modular knitting. P. Ashforth and S. Plummer, 2007.

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